Frequently asked questions about follicle booster

Q1: Suitable for oily scalp?
Answer: Yes, you should apply it from half an hour to one hour, then wash your hair well with a shampoo.

Q2: Do my hair fall once I quite use it?
Answer: No harm, you can stop using it anytime as it's a natural product, but still, it's better to stop using it gradually, as it's as if you were feeding the scalp for a long time with huge amounts of nutrients and then suddenly you stop!

Q3: How long should I apply it on my hair?
Answer: From Half an hour to one hour.

Q4: Do I have to wash it later?
Answer: Sure, you should wash it with a shampoo.

Q4: Can I keep it over night?
Answer: No , the oils should not be left more than 1 hour on the scalp, so that they do not plug pores.

Q5: Does it suit all hair types?
Answer: Yes it does, and those who have oily hair should not leave it for more than one hour.

Q6: When can I see the results?
Answer: It differs from one person to another, but the average duration when you can feel the difference is between 3 weeks to 3 months.

Q7: Is it safe for kids?
Answer: Yes it's surely safe.